My opinion – by Rui Oliveira

How to scout players Today I’ll be addressing two very common questions: how many observations must one execute before signing a player, and should a player be signed only considering the video observations. In my opinion, there isn’t a defined number of observations required to sign a player. If we […]

Ano 2014 – Projeto NOVO

Depois de alguns meses a trabalhar com o VO na observação e análise de de futebol, acabou por se criar uma equipa jovem que se empenha antes, durante e depois do JOGO. Ao longo dos meses temos tido a oportunidade de conhecer profissionais que nos educam na arte da observação, […]

Manager Profile – Fernando Santos

Career Fernando Santos, born in Lisboa, Portugal on 10/10/1954. Was a professional player starting his career in SL Benfica, and representing Marítimo and Estoril Praia. Is know for his strong religious belief, family connected and charismatic speeches. Started is coaching career in Estoril Praia, right after his retirement as a […]

5 Steps of Analysis

Either you’re a scouter, a team performance analyst or an opponent analyst, you should be prepared and ready to the task you’ve assigned. Here we take you to a few steps you can take to make your job easier and faster. Planning and Preparation The starting point is planning. You need […]

5 Mistakes in Video Match Recording

Video Match recording is the core tool of analysts. When we have to record a game for later analysis, there are some common mistakes we can make. Here we name a few to help you in the process. Preparation 1-Search for the field when you start your trip for the […]