European Championship 2016 TV App is the best of the year – Partnership MEO & Videobserver

Powered by Videobserver, the TV App “Europeu 2016” from Portuguese TV operator MEO, has been awarded best Tv App of the year. This app was developed  for UEFA European Championship broadcasting. The 10th Edition of  Navegantes XXI Awards promoted by ACEPI – Portuguese Association of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising, rewarded the best eBusiness […]

Why coaches should invest in Performance and Video Analysis

Performance and Video Analysis is a relatively recent activity within the coaching processes but is spreading very fast and becoming a commonly used tool within technical teams. Performance and Video Analysis allows you to: Evaluate individual player performance Evaluate own team performance Analyse opponent team Learn with the best Explore […]

Video Analyst and Match Analyst – What differences?

Soccer is getting more and more competitive each day and most teams use similar methods and tools in their preparation. Collecting basic statistics, recording the match and making some kind of video analysis is also common nowadays, but most teams are still using Video Analysts instead of Match Analysts. The majority of teams […]